Year of the Greater

I entitled my blog in Jan 2016, “The Year of the Lord’s Favour” and wow, what a year 2016 has turned out to be. I recalled the year before that, 2015, was such a high point in our journey that I actually thought it could not get any better than this, but we surpassed all expectations and I’ve to give God all the glory. 2016 will certainly go down as one of the most incredible and productive years in our 21-year history. It was an absolutely amazing year for us and yes, we’ve had some very fruitful years in our past 21 years, but I can’t recall a year that was so fruitful.

What is 2017 going to hold for us?

Well for one, after the inauguration of the 45th US President on 20th Jan, I think things will be very different, in a good way. But we must recognise that the world is in a state of flux and things are not getting better. In fact, we must prepare ourselves for a darker and more difficult environment. Isaiah the prophet prophesied that darkness and gross darkness will cover the earth. This is to be expected and we must brace ourselves for greater persecution and opposition. I foresee that in 2017, major upheavals will continue to take place in the Middle East and things will escalate because something is about to be birthed on this planet. Israel will continue to be a rock of stumbling and a heavy burden to the nations and God will continue to stand for her. More and more so, as Israel becomes increasingly isolated, the Church needs to take a stand for and with her. We must pray fervently for God’s ancient and chosen people.

But while all thing is going on, I believe the Church is going to be thrust forth into the greatest harvest in our 2,000-year history. Already, we’re seeing unprecedented numbers of people being swept into the Kingdom of God almost on a daily basis and this is going to exponentially increase. This also has been prophesied by the prophet Isaiah. But not only are we going to see the multitudes swept into the Kingdom, we’re also going to see an escalation of His Glory. We must believe God for a greater glory.

Another thing that I believe is going to happen is, many broken and hurt people are going to find hope and be healed in the Saviour. 2 Samuel 9 is an amazing chapter. The whole chapter revolves around David’s magnanimity towards the house of Saul. Saul was of course an enemy towards David and sought to kill him on numerous occasions. And after all that he had done, when David had ascended to the throne, he was not just able to forgive Saul, he extended kindness towards his descendants and this was a big deal with God. In days of antiquity, when a king ascends to the throne, more often than not, he kills all those from the previous administration who might have opposed him. We see this played out in the history of Israel again and again. But when a king shows kindness to the descendants of someone who tried to kill him during his term, all of heaven takes note.

Now Mephiboseth was a son of Saul, but he was lame. And David lifted him up so that he sat at the king’s table to dine with the king. He represents to us a broken generation that first needs to be healed and then restored to sup with the King again. But it takes the magnanimity of a compassionate people to lift them out of their depression and darkness. We often talk about the poor. But when you say you care about the poor, what are their names? We must get our hands dirty and get deeply involved. Jesus alluded to both the need for us to love our enemies and care for the broken and downcast. One of the greatest signs of spirituality is often seen in how we treat those who are most unlike us. It’s also a sign of spirituality when we treat the poor and the oppressed with kindness.

2017 is going to be a year of great opportunities. We mustn’t sleep in the harvest. Be prepared for the greater because it’s going to happen!


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