Experience the best of personal mentorship and experiential learning in our Cornerstone Internship Programme.


Be trained and released into your calling and purpose in the Kingdom of God. Interns get the best of teachings in God’s Word and the ethos and values of the house. A weekly practical ministry placement is part of the structured learning process.

The Cornerstone Internship Programme is designed to educate, immerse and release the intern to have an understanding of His calling and purpose in the Kingdom of God. It is to prepare disciples of Jesus Christ to manifest God’s Kingdom, to reach out to their communities and be sent to the nations.

Besides good practical Bible sessions and teachings on the ethos and values of Cornerstone, this programme will also include a weekly practical ministry placement as part of the structured learning process.

Our desire is for you to graduate from this Internship Programme to become key influencers here, overseas and in the marketplace. It is to show forth the Person of Jesus Christ wherever you are and serving the community where you’ve been placed.

Daphne Yang
Deputy Senior Pastor

Registration for Cornerstone Internship Programme 2025 is now opened.



Interactive Teaching

Allows the Word of God and the lessons of life come alive through interactive learning. Uncover treasures new and old from God’s Word. Learn from the journeys of lives, as our teachers by the power of the Holy Spirit lead you onwards in this road of knowledge and understanding.

Personal Mentorship

Embark on a 1-to-1 relational mentoring with Cornerstone’s Pastoral and Ministry Team. Receive spiritual and practical insights for your personal growth, with opportunities to engage with the issues of everyday life.

Hands-on Apprenticeship

Want to learn something new and experience the inner-workings of church life? Now you can. Walk a mile in the shoes of a full-time church worker. Get attached to any of our pastoral or functional ministries in church and learn new skills as you engage in the daily operations and special projects.


Programme Details


Programme Period
6 May – 27 July 2025

Registration Fee

Download the e-brochure.



  • Pastoral recommendation from the applicant’s pastor/elder of his/her home church.
  • Preference will be given to applicants who are serving in full-time ministry and those with leadership capacity in their home church.
  • Minimum pass in G.C.E. O’ Levels (or equivalent).
  • Working knowledge in Microsoft Office: Microsoft Word, Power Point, and Excel.
  • For interested applicants who are non-Singaporeans or Permanent Residents, you are welcome to contact us for more information.
  • Acceptance will be based on the applicants’ understanding of the spoken English language as a minimum criteria.
  • Participants are responsible for personal accommodation and all expenses (transport, meals, etc) during the programme.
  • This is a non-monetary renumeration programme and does not offer any financial scholarship or assistance.

Teaching Curriculum


  1. Christian Lifestyle

    Topics Include:

    1. Studying God’s Word
    2. Developing an Excellent Spirit
    3. Christ & the Church: Marriage & Family
    4. Kingdom Stewardship & Biblical Economics
  2. Spirit-Empowered Life

    Topics Include:

    1. Developing a Prophetic Lifestyle
    2. Experiencing the Joy and Power of Prayer & Fasting
    3. Physical Healing
    4. Inner Healing and Deliverance
  3. Kingdom Culture

    Topics Include:

    1. Vision of Spiritual Zion
    2. Alignment to Your Assignment
    3. Kingdom Authority and Anointing
    4. Culture of Honour
  4. Building a Spiritual House

    Topics Include:

    1. Cell Life
    2. Lifestyle of Discipleship
    3. Evangelism: Witnessing is Easy
    4. Planted in the House of God: Sons & Daughters
  5. Discipling Nations

    Topics Include:

    1. General Justice & the Poor
    2. Heart for a Dying World
    3. Nation of Israel & Restoration of Statehood
  6. Revival & Reformation

    Topics Include:

    1. Seeing through the Lens of History
    2. Bible College of Wales: Revival Well & Heritage
    3. Emerging Leader for the 21st Century
Registration for Cornerstone Internship Programme 2022 is now closed.
For enquiries, drop us a note.

During the internship, whether it was devotions, teaching sessions, or even working in various departments, it was just revelation after revelation. This journey has indeed been a milestone in my life.


Ranon Mak,
NUS Graduate, Singapore
CIP 2015

The past 2 months have been a time of learning from the leaders and pioneers of the church. It’s something we do not get to experience at weekend services. Hearing their heart for the Kingdom and the ministry is inspiring. I’ve also had the privilege to see what I’ve studied in university being applied to ministry through my apprenticeship in Community Services


Low Hui Juan
NUS Graduate
CIP 2018

Internship has been more than just a learning exposure for me. It is also about understanding the vision of the house (Cornerstone) and going right into the heart of the Father. When we catch a glimpse of His heart, it is what keeps us going, and makes us want to serve more and more every day.


Koh Yao Yi
Pastoral Intern (Youth Ministry)
CIP 2016

We witnessed God’s love and faithfulness through His People; transcending borders and cultures. God’s glory simply fills our heart in CIP as we walk from day to day experiences with Him.


Rene Herrera
Dental Assistant
CIP 2019

God has done so much in my life through the CIP! The teachings were amazing, and I’ve also learnt more about how the church works through the hands-on apprenticeship in the various departments and functional ministries. I thank God for the experience at the CIP!


John Nick Lee
Temasek Polytechnic Graduate
CIP 2017