The Chariots of God

Our first service of the year set the tone for what God has already put in our hearts. Heidi Baker was compelled to share the vision that God gave her sometime ago and I’m relaying the vision to you again because of its significance for us as a church. This is the word of the Lord to Cornerstone.

“In the vision, I saw chariots; chariots of fire surrounding the globe. And in the chariots, each one had two saints of God and they had no colour and it really struck me. ‘Lord, why is there no colour in them?’ The Lord said, ‘Because they’re transparent.’ There are no hidden motives, no hidden agenda, no hidden sin, nothing’s hidden. There was only one portion of them that had colour and it was their hearts. They had huge hearts. 

“I looked up and I saw the Lord, and the Lord’s heart was huge, huge, huge and it was red. The saints of God, though they were transparent had this shoulder-to-shoulder, red hearts and they were beating in rhythm to the heartbeat of God. The Lord said to me, ‘I’ll cover the earth with My glory, like the waters cover the sea. Tell the Church it’s time.’

“I’ve not thought of this vision until today, January 1, 2017, and the Lord reminded me as He undid me before with my calendar, with my life and He said, ‘I don’t care, I don’t care about what it looks like, I care about the yieldedness of your hearts.’ And He put that vision inside of my heart and He says, ‘Tell them, it’s time to get into my chariots.’

“So, I’m going to ask all of you who are willing to get in that chariot, that chariot of fire, that chariot of glory, that chariot where God takes full control and sends you wherever He wants and does whatever He wants with your little life, where nothing is hidden. Say, ‘God, take away the hidden places, take away everything that doesn’t bring You pleasure. Take it away this day January 1, 2017. God, make me that transparent saint. Let there be nothing hidden in me, let there be nothing kept back from You. Let nothing but Your heart beat inside of me.’

“And I saw the Lord, I saw His hands were lifted up and I said, ‘God, why are you asking me to share this after so long, in this house, after so long again?’ And He said, ‘Because it’s a new start, a new beginning. Those who had false starts, false ambitions, those who have been tripped up, those who have been laid aside, those who have grown weary in well-doing, they’re going to step into the chariot again.’ In the chariots with the reins held up to Jesus. He held the reins up to every chariot. He held up in His hands. Release your reins right now. Release your reins, release your reins.”

Heidi ended the segment by calling out the names of some nations that were strongholds of sin and despair and cried out for us to go. I cringed because those nations she called out were some of the toughest nations.

Cornerstone Community Church, we’ve a radical missionary call. Some of us in the church are called to go the ends of the earth, to the darkest places in the planet. Heidi said, “I hear the Lord say, ‘I want to send some people into strongholds, into strongholds of darkness where you’ll carry so much light and power. And I’ll send you with power and I’ll send you with love,’ says the Lord. ‘And I’ll send you with a sword of mercy and justice and you’ll carry the justice, set free the slaves.’ And I hear the Lord say, ‘This year will be marked by abolitionist. Out of the house Cornerstone, abolitionists will be sent to the ends of the earth to carry the sword of the Lord. I hear the Lord calling people to the darkest places on the planet. I hear the Lord saying, ‘I’m going to send people out of Cornerstone to all the corners of the earth. I’m going to send you around the globe, send you with great power and with great love. I’m going to send you hidden and I’m going to send you in the open. I’m going to send you in the secret and I’m going to send you in the light.”

The reason I’m repeating this vision is because two days later, I had a prophetic dream and in the dream, I was told to read Psalm 68. Psalm 68 is a psalm of David and it begins with the battle cry of Moses, “Let God arise and all his enemies be scattered.” But in verse 17, David says, “The chariots of God are twenty thousand, even thousands of thousands.” Wow. I know He’s summoning us to the chariots that right now are being prepared. These chariots are vehicles of supernatural transport and power. Cry out to Him this day!


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