The Gift of Home

This week, we hosted our pastors from 17 nations for the annual Cornerstone Global Network (CGN) Summit. We had fun and wonderful fellowship in the midst of serious Kingdom business. God did an amazing work in all our hearts – vision renewed and sharpened, the hungry were fed, those struggling were strengthened, the weary were refreshed. Such camaraderie was forged over the four days that we were reluctant to say goodbye. There was never a dull moment.

There was a notable shift in this year’s Summit – a greater intensity and resolve to advance the Kingdom of God, and a greater intention to align and extend the work of God in the nations through Cornerstone churches. The Summit’s atmosphere was one of like-mindedness and authenticity. One pastor who had just joined us for the first time said to me, “I felt like we’ve known one another for years!”

Here are some takeaways from the CGN Summit which I felt to share with you, and may the Holy Spirit speak to you through these words.

1. Think Nations
As I scanned the room during the Summit, it dawned on me that this was like the assembling of the “United Nations” of the Cornerstone global family before the Lord. It’s like a big family reunion. I was deeply impacted by the sharing of my brothers and sisters from different nations, and even more so when they’ve done much for the Lord with so little and limited resources – the churches planted, orphanages, feeding programmes, initiatives to eliminate poverty, prisons ministry, schools and bible schools, etc. The length and distance one pastor would go to bring the Gospel to the village people living in the mountainous regions, trekking for 14 days just to reach them!

My vision is too small. It needs to be enlarged because deep inside, we’re bigger than we think; and we serve a Big God! With Him nothing is too difficult nor impossible. Here in Singapore, we’re blessed with an abundance of resources and yet we prefer to stay in our comfort zones. How long are we going to let the “cares of this world” rule and dictate our lives? As the prophet Elijah would challenge, “How long will you falter between two opinions? If the Lord is God, follow Him…” (1 Kings 18:21).

2. Alignment to Our Tribal Anointing
“God puts us in families or tribes, and each tribe has a unique anointing. An important part of alignment involves getting into sync with our tribe. Our vibe attracts our tribe. Israel was a composite of 12 tribes and each tribe had a very unique tribal anointing. God designed it that way. This is why we’ve different churches with different ministries. God loves diversity, and it’s alright to be different. Depending on the tribe we belong to, we’ll come under a different tribal anointing.”

No matter which church we belong to, it’s essential for us to know what the “Tribal Anointing” over our church is. Once we know our identity, our mission becomes clear and what we do will just flow out of that. You need to ask the Lord to show you which tribe you belong to. For Cornerstone, we derive our prophetic anointing from Judah, for “From Judah comes the cornerstone.” (Zech 10:4)

3. The Gift of Home
While at the Summit, we heard the tragic news of the collapse of the large hydroelectric dam in Laos’ Attapeu Province, resulting in heavy flooding and in some areas, the water level rose to nearly 12 metres (40 feet), submerging 17 villages, with at least 27 people killed, hundreds missing and thousands have lost their homes. And the forecast of more rainfall this week only exacerbates the problem.

Now, imagine leaving for work in the morning and upon returning in the evening only to find your house gone. You’ve no home to return to! Your shelter, covering and protection all gone. How would you feel? Lost? Helpless?

Our Heavenly Father wants to give each one of us the “gift of home” in the form of a local church where we’re nurtured and growing in spiritual maturity; walking in the fullness of our destiny. We need to realise that life and order continues in heaven. There’ll be teaching and learning; there’ll be teachers and pastors, and yes, you’ll continue to go to church and serve there. So, it’s very important for you to know which local church God has planted you in on earth.

Please hear my heart on this – if Cornerstone is your home, then unpack your bags, embrace the values and sink your roots here. Start engaging, serving and growing. Please don’t treat church like a business hotel where you come when you need a place to stay for a season so you can carry out your “spiritual transactions”. Or perhaps you could still be living out of your suitcase, because just in case, when the going gets tough or you’re offended again, you can readily move on to another place. Please don’t treat the church with disdain. Jesus died for her. May the Lord help you settle into the church He’s prepared for you. As for me, “I’m home!”


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