Takeaways from the Internship Class

One of my favourite experiences in my years of association with bible schools has been the chapel sessions where the students take part in leading worship, in addition to sharing short devotionals. This year’s class of interns at Cornerstone is no exception. Their testimonies provide “real-time” accounts of what God is doing during this unique period in their lives. This past week, four interns shared messages that had common themes; messages that should not be limited to the Internship class alone. The following four points represent a brief summary of what God has been speaking.  

1) Seeing from God’s Perspective

Everything changes when we begin to see situations and people through His eyes. This results in our priorities and prayer life being greatly affected. It produces the burden and largeness of heart that our Lord has for the lost. The fields of the harvest are ripe (Luke 19:10).

2) Faith for the Journey

Every step of a believer’s journey is one that’s taken by faith. For one of them, it started by first attending a church in Miri, followed by the faith for finances to attend church camp and then later to the Internship Programme. Faith is realised in learning to put God first in all things, even personal relationships. God is faithful and can be trusted in our respective onward journeys (Proverbs 3:5).

3) Consecrate Yourselves to God (Rom 12:1-3)

For another of the interns, the daily environment of the Internship Programme has provided the opportunity to recapture that “first love” for God. It’s here where the intern was able to face and do the things that she was running away from. It’s here where the mercy of God is seen and understood – resulting in a renewed mind and consecration.

The challenge was then given to make a decisive decision to present oneself as a living sacrifice before God. What’s done at this moment can provide the platform for effective future ministry.

4) A Call to Intimacy

One of the cited benefits of intimacy is the ability to launch out into deeper waters. We can become comfortable in staying close to shore in our comfort zones at a time when God is calling us to go deeper. Which of the two groups of people best represent us – those who stay close to shore or those who step out in faith into deeper waters? A primary key is to have a seeking heart that makes allowance for faith to arise (Jer 29:13).

The above points are but brief summaries of the messages that were shared this week. The consistency and common themes are telling and should serve as an encouragement to each of us. It’s important that we grasp what the Spirit of God is speaking. When Jesus taught His disciples how to pray, He introduced the thought of coming before a Heavenly Father Who’s above all things. This allows for faith to arise as we see situations through God’s eyes and perspective. It also helps acquaint us with the burden that the Lord carries for the lost. I’ve also been challenged on the thought of launching forth into the deep; a stepping out beyond that which is comfortable. “They that go down to the sea in ships, that do business in great waters; these see the works of the LORD, and his wonders in the deep.” Ps 107:23-24

A few weeks ago, the church committed to prayer and fasting. This season of fasting was different as I realised that certain changes had to be made in order for my walk with God to be taken to another level. It’s clear that God is calling us to a greater level of consecration and intimacy.  Now’s not the time to be slack. The harvest is ripe and God is stirring the waters.

The messages of the interns should serve as a reminder to what God has been speaking to Cornerstone and to us as individuals. Let’s not get caught up in busyness at the expense of hearing and applying God’s Word. Along with the Spoken Word, there were several anointed worship moments. The week of chapel closed with the chorus, “Let Faith Arise”. How appropriate in light of this week’s teachings. The messages in seeing faith arise in Cornerstone and in our lives have been resounding loud and clear. May we give heed to what the Spirit is saying. 


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