Kingdom Invasion Conference, Pretoria

A team of us have just returned from Pretoria, South Africa where Pastor Yang and Pastor Nicky Raiborde were the main speakers for their Kingdom Invasion Conference. What an amazing time it was! The 3-day meetings were well-attended by over 600 people, including pastors and missionaries. It’s the first time a conference like this was held in the church we were ministering at and I believe God did something lasting and precious.

There was a genuine hunger and humility in the people which attracted the Presence of God. The atmosphere was charged with expectation and anticipation for God to move in their hearts and circumstances. They were desperate for more of God and had a willingness to yield to Him. God has given Cornerstone the “Breaker’s Anointing” – where eternity breaks through into the natural realm. Throughout the conference, we witnessed a “Holy Spirit invasion”, and the gates of heaven were opened. Something in the spiritual realm broke through – people repented from dullness of hearts and apathy, lives were touched, countenance lifted and many broke down under the power of the Holy Spirit. There were also miracles, signs and wonders following the preaching of the Word. The Holy Spirit moved powerfully and spiritual gifts were activated – miracles, physical and inner healings, the spirit of prophecy and words of knowledge were ministered powerfully to the people.

Here are some encouraging testimonies from the conference:

“I stood in the gap for my 72-year-old sister who was in a very serious car accident and on the Friday night of the KI conference, I responded to the altar call and Pastor Daphne prayed with me. The next day, I called the hospital to find out about my sister’s condition as they were ready to amputate her leg. After removing the scab and dead flesh, the doctor was surprised to find new blood supply, functional arteries as well as a nice little layer of fat! Now, her leg is getting better and better every day, and amputation is not necessary anymore!” ~ Ps Mario’s sister, Johanita

“In February 2017, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. On 24th April, I had an aggressive relapse which caused double vision and I was admitted to hospital. A 2nd MRI scan showed a new lesion on the brain. I received cortisone treatment and was discharged from hospital, just in time for the opening session of KI conference. During praise and worship, I bowed my head, closed my eyes and listened to the new song we sang as I was unable to read the words on the screen. But when I opened my eyes, I saw how the two images come into focus and I was able to read the words on the screen. To-date I’ve had no symptoms of a relapse. All glory to God!” ~ Pieter Volschenk

“On Friday night, I responded to the altar call. Pastor Yang came to me and the moment he touched me, it felt as if someone had lit a fire in me. It was burning so strongly with the power of the Lord that I could barely stand. Next, Pastor Kevin came and gave me a word that was a direct answer to a question I  had been crying out to God, sometimes in the middle of the night. The answer was so direct and so straight-forward, that I could not bear it – I tumbled to the ground and started to cry. The Presence of the Lord was so strong. Then, Pastor Daphne came, and continued to give me a word that contained more answers to questions that I asked the Lord, and only Him and I knew about it. I was incredibly blessed by the fact that three different people gave me a unified word, putting events of the past few years into perfect perspective, and changing the course of my life. My heart is restored and my vision is refreshed. I thank the Lord with all my heart for the KI conference!” ~ Rika van Niekerk

God’s opening doors and doing great things through Cornerstone to reach the people on His heart. Don’t be a spectator and don’t settle for anything less! We were born for such a time as this. Will you take your place in His Kingdom?


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