Do Not Despise the Day of Small Beginnings

This week, we’ve many of our pastors from the nations converging in Singapore for our annual Cornerstone Global Network Summit. This is an annual event for the pastors to reconnect relationally and to renew our visions for the work that God is giving to us. These meetings that we have each year are immensely enjoyable and inspiring. It always amazes us what these pastors are accomplishing in the nations and how we’re impacting literally hundreds of thousands of lives collectively.

Yet as I reflect on many of these relationships, I see and recognise God’s unseen hand orchestrating our journeys to allow for our paths to intersect. I see also the years of faithful labour, enduring difficulties, and humility in these pastors that have caused them to see growth and enlargement in the ministry that they’ve been entrusted with.

Many of them have faced severe persecution in the communities that they’re planted in and yet have continued to love and serve. Almost all of them have been misjudged, falsely accused and suffered hurts – many times from the very ones whom they shepherd and love. Their lives carry irresistible testimonies of God’s divine preservation and protection in the midst of the enemy’s attempts to strike them down. I know at least two of our pastors who have been raised from the dead.

As they converge here in Singapore, we want to honour and celebrate them in our midst. I want to ask you to join with us to do a few things together –

1. Celebrate Them
For a start, let’s welcome them with hospitality and love. If you’ve been on one of our Couriers trips and have gotten to know some of these pastors and leaders, please do go up and welcome them to Singapore. Let’s extend our Cornerstone hospitality and make them feel at home. We want them to know that they’re celebrated and appreciated here in Cornerstone.

2. Pray for Them
They need our prayer support. Even as they’re here in Singapore for the Summit, pray that there’d be fresh downloads from God into their lives. Pray that they may be refreshed – spirit, soul and body. Pray for them that they may encounter God in fresh ways as we all come aside to seek the Lord. For many of them, life back home is very intense and there are constantly demands that are made upon their lives. We pray for them that this will be a timely break where their visions will be lifted higher and their strength may be renewed as we collectively come together in the Presence of God.

3. Join Them
I want to encourage us to join these pastors in their fields. Allow the Lord to place their names and their nations in your heart. I believe that every believer ought to be involved in missions in some way or another. It’s a healthy habit to go on a short-term mission trip once every year and to be committed to giving to missions on a regular basis.

For us, this is especially pertinent because these are pastors that God has divinely joined to us. We’ve many mission initiatives that cover short-term trips to mid-term assignments and long-term placements. There are many needs in the nations and you can find a place to serve through these initiatives. We want to encourage you to find your place serving in the nations where God has placed a burden on your hearts. Let us strengthen their hands by joining them in their labour.

Once again, let’s take time to remember that missions is in the core of our faith and is an inescapable assignment every follower of Jesus must be involved in. The Captain of our salvation is calling us to arms and to be involved in the Great Commission.


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