Demons Can’t Swim

When Jesus walked on the earth, His ministry included preaching, teaching, healing the sick, and casting out demons. We see the first three ministries featured prominently in the Church today, but we’ve somehow relegated the ministry of deliverance to a handful of specialists. But that’s not what my Bible instructs. My Bible tells me that one of the signs Jesus said would accompany those who believe in Him is, they will cast out demons. I’m convinced we must all be trained in the ministry of deliverance, because there’s a coming spike in demonic activity. We’re seeing it all around us. People are getting more and more violent, hostile, lawless, and immoral, and the truth is – much of this is demonically inspired. We’re being pushed to a place where if we don’t press in for the supernatural power of God, we’re going to be irrelevant. A much-needed message in the Church today.